What Are We Worth?

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The thought that we as churches, individuals and ministries are of use to God is a misconception. Thinking we are important removes the sovereignty, mystery and wonder of God. It is a self centered existence. What value do we have to God? Did not John the Baptist state that God could raise up children of Abraham from these stones? What are we? Can the clay say to the potter make me a cup? We look for value and importance in what we perceive we do for God. I pastor a church. I evangelize. I serve the poor. Cannot God do all these things without our help? Our value lies in loving and trusting God. Our value is having the faith to abandon all we have built, all our perceived worth and all our ministries. What if we just stood before God and said, “God I love you. This is all I am”. That would impact His kingdom more powerfully than any ministry we could ever do. Then God says, ” Son and daughter, I have waited all these years to hear those words. My word says seek me first and all will then be given to you. Now we can arise and change the world”. Stand naked before him with all your issues, faults and hurts and just commit to love Him and nothing more. Then our individual lives, churches and ministries will be vibrant and free.

Pastor Paul

February 26, 2015

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